Máy Siết Đai Ốc Thủy Lực Dạng Đầu Vuông Hi-Force TWS-N

Máy Siết Đai Ốc Thủy Lực Dạng Đầu Vuông Hi-Force TWS-N

Máy Siết Đai Ốc Thủy Lực Dạng Đầu Vuông Hi-Force TWS-N

  • Mã SP:TWS-N
  • Giá bán:Liên hệ

Áp suất làm việc 700 Bar
Thiết kế nhôm gọn nhẹ

Hi-Force TWS-N series lightweight aluminium hydraulic torque wrenches are designed to handle the toughest bolting jobs accurately and quickly. All models provide a torque accuracy of +/- 3%. The internal reaction arm spline allows the operator to easily position the tool and, if necessary, react directly off the tool body in very confined access applications. All models incorporate an easily reversible high grade alloy steel square drive enabling the operator to quickly switch from tightening to loosening applications. Uni-Swivel quick release couplers are fitted as standard to all models enabling easy positioning of the hydraulic hoses away from any possible “pinch points”. Optional allen hex drives are available along with a comprehensive range of high quality torque wrench sockets.

  • Accurate to +/- 3% with calibration chart supplied
  • Multi-position reaction foot with safety lock feature
  • Reversible square drive for tightening and loosening applications
  • Suitable for continuous operation at maximum pressure



GỌI NGAY 090 24 25 111 

Thiết bị thủy lực, công nghiệp hàng đầu tại Việt Nam

Địa chỉ: 05 Đường 518, P Phú Hữu,Tp Thủ Đức , TP HCM

Hotline: 090 24 25 111

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