Xinh Lanh Dẹp Khóa An Toàn Hi-Force HFL

Xinh Lanh Dẹp Khóa An Toàn Hi-Force HFL

Xinh Lanh Dẹp Khóa An Toàn Hi-Force HFL

  • Mã SP:HFL
  • Giá bán:Liên hệ

Tải trọng nâng từ 50 đến 520 tấn

Hành trình 45 đến 51mm

Áp suất làm việc 700 Bar

The HFL low height single acting failsafe lock ring cylinder range combines all the versatility and efficiency of hydraulic power with the safety of mechanical load support, offering a sustainable lifting force in very confined work areas. Ideally suited for applications requiring load holding for extended periods, such as bridge support work. The HFL range features a single acting load return piston, threaded throughout its stroke length to suit the threaded mechanical load holding lock ring. All models are suitable for vertical lifting only and are supplied with tilting saddles as standard.

  • Single acting load return design
  • Nitrocarburised cylinder and piston rod
  • Low friction bearing surfaces
  • Anti-extrusion seals
  • Tilting saddle fitted as standard
  • Overstroke restrictor port
  • See pages 29 - 50 for pumps suitable for use with all
  • Hi-Force cylinders
  • Saddle and piston rod details

For easy rotation of the load holding locking ring, Hi-Force recommends the purchase of tommy bar(s). Model numbers of suitable tommy bars are listed in below table.



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