Máy Siết Đai Ốc Thủy Lực Dạng Lỗ Hi-Force TWH-N

Máy Siết Đai Ốc Thủy Lực Dạng Lỗ Hi-Force TWH-N

Máy Siết Đai Ốc Thủy Lực Dạng Lỗ Hi-Force TWH-N

  • Mã SP:TWH-N
  • Giá bán:Liên hệ

Working pressure 700 Bar
Fitted with 360° x 360° Uni-Swivel couplings
Powerful with low clearance design

Đông Tây Investment. Hi-Force TWH-N series female hexegon cassette head hydraulic torque wrenches offer a choice of 5 models with output torque capacities from 2625 Nm to 48181 Nm [ 1906 to 34985 lbf,ft ]. Manufactured from high grade aluminium [ except TWH 430N ], all models provide direct in-line reaction and a minimal radius clearance for easy fitment in confined spaces. The user frindly design of the tool simply requires the operator to withdraw/insert a single pin to change the ratchet haed. Ratchet heads are available in all standard metric and imperial AF sizes from 24 to 175mm [ 1 1/16 to 6 7/8 ] with low cost hexagon reducer bushes also available.

  • Compact, lightweight, aluminium drive unit (except TWH430N)
  • Accurate to +/- 3% with standard torque chart supplied
  • Low profile design for limited access applications
  • Minimum radius cassette head for fitment in confined spaces
  • Suitable for continuous operation at maximum pressure



GỌI NGAY 090 24 25 111 

Thiết bị thủy lực, công nghiệp hàng đầu tại Việt Nam

Địa chỉ: 05 Đường 518, P Phú Hữu, Quận 9, Tp HCM

Hotline: 090 24 25 111

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